Commodity Trading

Key Challenges for
Commodity Traders

Globalization, climate change and unprecedented political uncertainty have significantly increased the volatility of commodity markets. Using the right technology to cope with these challenges and maintain margin levels becomes ever more important. Commodity Traders who are ahead of the game in digital transformation outperform the market by making the right choice at the right time.

What is Arantys?

Arantys is a Cloud based ERP system for Commodity Traders that provides integrated insight in trading, logistics, financial and risk management processes. Through its role-based user interface, the solution provides recommendations on which choices to make to achieve maximum contract profitability. One integrated system that provides real-time insight in data across your organization, ensures you can provide supreme value for your customer whilst optimizing profits.

How can Arantys
transform your business?

1. Real-time position insight

Your position report forms the heart of Arantys. It is an integrated view of purchase and sales contracts, logistics agreements, customer-based pricing and costs. Within your software, you have a complete overview of sales contract profitability, even when allocating multiple purchase contracts to one sales contract.

2. Optimal logistics planning

Your logistics overview provides a link to physical contracts and inventory positions to plan optimal transport. Arantys pro-actively sends notifications in case of exceptions, together with recommendations for action. This helps you to stay ahead of the game and ensures an optimal supply to your customers.

3. Sublime Risk Management

Realtime insight in your market positions, contracts, currency positions and operational risks are critical in the volatile world of the Commodity Trader. Arantys offers standard dashboards and interactive reports to manage your Mark-to-Market, (M2M), Value-at-Risk (VaR) and execute Greek calculations.

4. Efficient Financial Management

ready to maximize your profits as commodity Trader?

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Arantys ux design

At Arantys, we understand the needs and wants of different users. From executives and financial managers to logistics staff and traders. With Arantys, every user enjoys an optimal experience that is effortless and intuitive to navigate. Because there are no unnecessary complex screens, we can ensure that your daily work can be accomplished with increased efficiency.

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Our Story

arantys commodity trading software erp

Our expertise

Arantys delivers cloud deployed Commodity Trading software solutions that help you maximize your profits. This is why.

Building on our extensive experience in the Commodity Trading industry, we created a software solution that gives you a competitive advantage by running your processes efficiently and effectively.

We understand the importance of having the right information at the right time. Our solution includes a strong masterdata fundament. This helps not only to execute your main processes but also allows you to run third party applications effectively when required.

Additionally, we deliver an out-of-the-box reports and analytics solution that unlocks the full potential from your data.

Arantys comes with best-practice business processes that help you run your business in a proven and efficient way. Our consultants will inspire you with their Commodity Trading process expertise to help you further improve your profits through automation.

New software means change. We support your organization to overcome the change in way you work. By doing this, we make sure Arantys is fully adopted by your people.

You are global and so are we. Arantys is deployed by customers on all continents. Our solution offers multi-site, multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency functionality and comes with localizations to ensure you are compliant with local statutory needs.

Arantys is designed for speed and efficiency. With its pre-configured settings, our solution can be implemented quickly, allowing you to start leveraging its powerful features in no time. This rapid deployment ensures minimal disruption to your operations while providing immediate value, so you can stay ahead in the competitive commodity trading market. Additionally, this approach not only accelerates implementation but also reduces the effort and cost associated with deployment.

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